Ventures with Verity
Ventures with Verity

An informed commentary can really enhance a coach trip so that the journey becomes part of the experience rather than just a means of getting from A to B.

As well as identifying what can be seen from the coach window, I can give you background information about the people past and present who have lived in or visited the Heart of England. As we drive past we can identify film & TV locations and link the places we travel through to a theme if required. We can see how man's activities have shaped the landscape until it is what we see today. See  the "corrugated fields" left behind as evidence of ancient farming practice and the modern yellow fields of oil seed rape. See evidence of the revival of ancient country crafts such as hedgelaying and drystone walling and see how the landscape has shaped the routes of ancient tracks, toll roads, canals, railways and now the motorway network.

Let me help you plan your routes; the photo stops, the site visits, the all important refreshment stops and comfort breaks as well as opportunities for shopping. 

I can also assist with booking suitable transport for groups such as U3A, company staff familiarisation, Church groups, educational trips. and those with special needs.

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